We do Interior Decoration, Renovation and contracting work.

LuxusInterior is a Creative Interior Decorator and Renovation Contractor.
We as a firm, are completely focused on putting up all the right moves to enhance and help your place to shine. We have made multiple clients happy from our service and made them think that there is more than just decoration, its an art that only professional who’ve worked on similar creative environment. We are equipped with all the tools and techs that help you achieve greatness in artistic interior design and decoration. We have over 15 years of experience on construction and contracting work and that’s our experience and our humble clients that encourages us to keep the good work by providing ultimate service to everyone that needs it.

We know that you´ll love to work with us as much as we do.

Interior Design

We focus deeply on overall aesthetic of any given area, whether its a home, a hall or not limited to 4 walled boundaries. The finishing and presenting it what matter us most. We are excellent in shaping your rooms into something worth your sight. In interior decoration, we will an help our clients decide on a style, choose a color scheme, purchase furniture, and accessorize.

Renovation works

Our comprehensive 15 years of experience in construction and fabrication has made us equipped with all challenges that could arises in the field of renovation. We and the team and the tools necessary to remodel your household up to your standard and your choice, cause we believe that customers knows best. At LuxusInterior you will find the best team this industry has to offer.

Contracting services

At LuxusInterior, we have an excellent team of civil engineering operatives and resources which support our surfacing service provision as well as undertaking construction projects and civil engineering contracts. We utilise the highest quality in-house products and resources to provide the best value and quality to you, creating industry leading sustainable built environments throughout the Singapore.